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Pennsylvania Game News for Everyone

Pennsylvania Game News for Everyone

The Pennsylvania Game News magazine is now available for free online. The Pennsylvania Game News is a monthly 64 page magazine about hunting and wildlife in Pennsylvania. It includes articles from Pennsylvania Game Commission staff and other outdoor writers, photos from the field, season updates, wildlife news and more.

Read the new April Game News magazine on your smart phone, tablet or computer!

Bonus of digital:
•Hyperlinks to additional information
•The Nature Savvy quiz (just after the “Crossings” feature)
•Jump to useful items using the “Resource Index”, “Contents” tab or the Contents page
•View any issue since September of 2008 using the “Archives” tab
•Search archived issues, make notes, create bookmarks, print pages, email pages, save pages offline, and even Like and Tweet about them!


Bald Eagle Live Stream


Get a bird’s eye view of a Pennsylvania bald eagle nest! Click play on the live stream video section of our homepage: and watch as the eagles care for three eggs in the Pittsburgh nest! We expect the eggs to hatch in about two weeks!

This is a joint project between Pix Controller Inc. and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Our mission at the Pennsylvania Game Commission is to manage wildlife and its habitat for current and future generations. Through this blog we will connect you with the wildlife of Pennsylvania by posting reports from the field. Check back for stories from biologists, wildlife conservation officers, land management supervisors and more.

In this photo: Game Commission Bear Biologist Aide Ethan Kibe studies a yearling black bear.